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Options for Exporting Your TAS Plan

Friday, January 27th, 2012

The beauty of an intelligent cloud application like Dealmaker is that you can access your opportunity plans whenever you want.  But sometimes you’re not online, or maybe you just need to print off the plan for a meeting with your boss.

With Dealmaker, your printing and archiving options are varied:

– in Qualifier Assessment or TAS Assessment, you can choose to print off your entire plan in a print-friendly format, export to powerpoint, or else export it to excel, or even just export that screen to excel
– in Forecast Analysis, Performance Coach or MarketView, you can export to excel and further slice and dice your data or else archive for comparison purposes
– in Political Analysis (within either Opportunity Management or Account Management), you can choose to print out your complex political map to fit one page, or over multiple pages, you can choose the full map or just what’s on screen, or even export the whole thing to excel

Exporting and printing is pretty handy with Dealmaker.  It’s all about maximizing your productivity, which maximizes your success, through being smarter.